Invio dei contributi

How to prepare contributions
Authors are invited to prepare manuscript for submission following the instructions for the typographic preparation of works: Guidelines for Authors

Copyright and data collection
The publication of works in Symposium Proceedings requires a signed consent form from each author. Authors are invited to fill the disclaimer statement for works publication.
Furthermore, authors are invited to fill the form for Data collection useful for the publication and the greater diffusion of the work in the Symposium Proceedings. 

How to submit final paper
In order to be published in the Symposium Proceedings, the following documents must be sent to the Scientific Secretariat (email: simposio(at) by June 14th, 2022:
1) the full version of paper in MSWord and pdf format
2) the disclaimer statement form in pdf format
3) the Data collection form in MSWord format.

All works accepted by the Scientific Committee have the same value, they will be published in full in Symposium Proceedings, regardless to the Oral or Poster presentation.  

Since the publication of the works in the Proceedings is subject to the Registration and payment of the fee, all authors are kindly request to Register to the Symposium before the deadline.