Morphology and evolution of coastlines and seabeds

The session includes contributions related to the morphodynamic processes that characterize the various types of coast: from high to low coasts and from natural to anthropized. Each specific topic, inserted in this context, is pertinent to the session: from the diachronic evolution of the coastline, including the retro-coastal dune systems, to the morphodynamics of the submerged beach, as well as analysis of the physical-chemical qualities of the water column. The topics of the Session also include the dynamics triggered by anthropic factors, both local (defense works, ports, etc.) and global ones (greenhouse effect, climate change and danger of submerging the coasts), as well as the activities of protection and restoration of coastal areas.

Keywords: Coastal forms and typologies. Erosion, factors and processes of coastal instability. Evolution and morphodynamics of coastal zone and shoreface. Sediment transport and redistribution. Hazard and coastal management. Environmental water quality.