Formalities and registration fees

For each accepted work (oral or poster communication) an enrollment fee must be paid, with exclusion of the work, from presentations and Proceedings, as penalty.

Three categories of enrollment are foreseen:

Participants enrolled in Category A will, upon registration, receive with the certificate of attendance, necessary stationery items and brochures. Each communication (oral or poster) has to be registered in this category; registration permits the enrolment of only one author; other authors of the same paper can enroll in category B or C.
The organization of Symposium will offer only to members of this category the Social Dinner.
280€ by 15th April 2022
350€ after April 2022

– Co-authors not enrolled in category A
– Graduate and other university students who are not presenting oral or poster communications belong in this category; a university card or declaration from the department of study is required.
– Participants to the symposium, who are not presenting oral or poster communications.  
Participants in this category will receive, upon registration, with the certificate of attendance, necessary stationery items and brochures as those in Category A.
90€ by 15th April 2022
110€ after April 2022

CATEGORY C (daily enrollment):
Co-authors not enrolled in category A, participants to the symposium, who are not presenting oral or poster communications, on a day-by-day basis shall enrol in Category C.
This type of enrolment can be made with the Symposium Secretary on the appropriate day. Category C enrolment does not include the participant’s packet (as in Categories A and B).

benefits and info

The registration fee includes the association to SISEF (Società Italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale) for the year 2022. SISEF members already registered for 2022 will have a discount of 30 euros on the registration fee.

The presence as listeners can also be completely free; but in this case certificates of attendance will not be issued.

Enrollment of works selected as Oral Presentation
The enrollment fee for works selected as oral presentation must be paid no later than 15 April 2022. In case that fee is not paid within the specified date, the work will be moved to poster presentations.

Enrollments for young researchers
In order to facilitate the dissemination of studies conducted by young researchers, the Scientific Committee allows the registration in category “B” of one or two works (for each Session) that are considered, in its unquestionable judgment, particularly worthy. This will be communicated to the interested authors with the letter of acceptance of the work.
The work will be published in full in the Symposium Proceedings without additional costs.
It is suggested that the abstract is as exhaustive as possible in order to allow the Scientific Committee to better evaluate.

Social dinner
A social dinner is planned for the third day; participants from Categories B and C, accompanying persons as well as unenrolled attendees, may still attend the social dinner upon payment of 40 € to the Symposium Secretariat.
All participants will receive a voucher to give to the Organizing Secretariat at the beginning of the dinner.


The methods of payment of the enrollment fee will be made known at the opening of registrations.