Coastline Geography and Coastal Landscapes: territorial dynamics and integrated protection

Coastal areas are strategically important in the Mediterranean, one of the most important centers of biodiversity in the world, as they perform natural, residential, recreational and commercial functions of particular relevance and ancient tradition. The protection and development of coastal areas must therefore take into consideration the physical, environmental, landscape and cultural characteristics of the reference territory and of the society involved.
The Session focuses on the potential and criticality of the geographic, landscape, economic, legislative and socio-cultural aspects, as well as the various forms of anthropization and environmental restoration, which affect the Mediterranean coastal territories and waterfronts.
The Session includes, moreover, the works dedicated to the of the geography coastal strip, to the dynamics of landscapes and anthropized areas; to the history, description and classification of the landscape, to its design, planning, legislation and integrated management. Other topics of the Session are smart-cities and smart-tourism; the relationship between economic activities, urbanization and sustainable development; the importance of protected areas in participatory and shared territorial governance.

Keywords: Natural and protected areas, parks. Coastal dynamics. Waterfront. Design and planning of coastal settlements and harbour installations. Tourism and smart-destinations. Sustainable development. Economic, legal and control systems. Ecosystem and cultural services. Integrated and participatory management. Architecture in coastal environments. Marine Litter. Insular territories.