Coastal Environmental Engineering: pollution, energy production, monitoring and economic environmental assessment, regulatory context

The Session includes the following topics: plants and techniques for purification and desalination of water; systems and techniques for coastal and marine energy production; systems, sensors and instruments for measuring environmental parameters; techniques and procedures for coastal monitoring; energy storage systems in the marine environment (eg. CAES, hydrogen, pumped hydro, etc.); evaluation of the reliability and performance of measurement systems; information acquisition systems and data for the coastal environment; economic assessments in the construction and management of plants; impact analysis of new production plants energy on local economic systems and climate change gas emission; analysis of the reference regulatory framework.

Keywords: Measurement methods and instruments. Coastal environmental physics. Remote Sensing. Geographic Information Systems. Databases and telecommunications networks management. energy storage systems. Energy production systems. Energy Conversion. LNG terminals. Effects of environmental conditions on the instrumentation, reliability and maintainability. Regulatory context. Wastewater treatment plants. Analysis of economic environmental impacts.